Met with an exceptional group of Year 12 English students at #TarneitCollege to talk about ‘whose reality is it?’ These guys were switched on, engaged and respectful – a credit to themselves, their teachers and wider community. Diversity and excellence doing it big over here. 
Covered issues about fighting discrimination, media bias, being self determined, culturally empowered, owning narratives and speaking out against injustices. 
Sharing a video of Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa’s recent spoken word performance on AGT brought home the power of countering racist narratives with confidence, through spoken word. And seeking them mesmerised as Aamer Rahman dropped his ‘Reverse Racism’ truth bomb video, was a joy to behold. Days like this affirm why i love what I do #impressed #hugerespect #sogladtheywereseated #whykidssotallthesedays? #endracism #endbigotry #makeanoise #makeitloud