A podcast on Ramadan in Australia for ABC’s God Forbid program. I panelled with Sydney’s Sheikh Ahmed Abdo, and host Noel Debien, covering the practical, spiritual and sartorial http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/godforbid/ramadan-gotta-go-fast/9820646
It’s Ramadan — a holy month in the Islamic calendar for fasting and prayer. But it’s also about family and community, and many of the traditions around Ramadan get to the heart of what it means to be a Muslim. Guest host Noel Debien is joined by a sheikh and a turban-donning diva to explore the month of mercy.

In this episode:

It’s widely known that Muslims fast during daylight hours in Ramadan, but how exactly does that work?

The epicentre of Ramadan celebrations in Australia is undoubtedly the Haldon Street Night Markets in Lakemba, Sydney. Producer Siobhan Hegarty took to the streets to explore how food demonstrates the cultural diversity of Islam in Australia.

Australia’s newest mosque is in Punchbowl, and it’s an architectural marvel. Mariam Chehab goes to see for herself.

Supporting Information

The full report from the Punchbowl Mosque originally aired on The Spirit of Things on 20 May 2018: The Aussie mosque that broke the mould


Sheikh Ahmed Abdo, Muslim chaplain, president of the Shifa Institute and teacher of Islamic ethics and law.

Tasneem Chopra, Muslim commentator and cross-cultural consultant.


Noel Debien

Producer: Rohan Salmond
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