On Monday I was invited to be a panellist on ABC’s Q&A, live from Deakin Edge, at Federation Square in Melbourne. The session theme was,
‘Team Australia, Terror and Tinderboxes’..
Panellists were Gareth Evans, Former Australian Foreign Minister; Paul Kelly, Editor-at-large The Australian; Elizabeth Pisani, Author and Indonesia commentator; Ali Alizadeh, Iranian-Australian author and myself, Tasneem Chopra, author and Chair, Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights.

The program traversed anticipated topics of the likelihood of homegrown terror, reactions from on the Muslim community, roadblocks to engagement with the political process, Australia’s role in renewed military intervention, multiculturalism, political reform and a 24/7 news cycle, somewhat ironically ending on discussing euthanasia.

I felt the conversations were robust and challenging. Though there’s plenty more I would have liked to say, I’m grateful for the platform afforded to me.

Following QnA, panelists, guests and crew relaxed at #Transport. The vibe was amazing as was the company.

Best quip of the night went to Gareth Evans , who while ordering a drink, leaned on the counter and tilted his head:
G: So, what’s a nice Muslim girl like you doing in a place like this ?
Me: Integrating, Gareth. Integrating.

Too funny:))

To Watch it, go to:

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