I watched a medal conferring ceremony today as PM Turnbull lauded the Australian team involved in rescuing the young Thai boys from their cave ordeal. It’s certainly a moment to acknowledge the rescuers phenomenal life saving skills; absolute heroes.

What was not so heartening was to hear the PM deploy phrases like, ‘the horror these children must have endured’ and ‘feeling forgotten by the world, left to languish’ to, ‘this surely must be a child’s worst nightmare’.

Seriously? I’m concerned the PM is oblivious to the widely touted hypocrisy of these comments, that fail to see this as the lived reality for children and adults deteriorating mentally and physically in offshore detention- some for up to five years. Their peril lacks sufficient glamour for prime time…

This inconvenient truth is a crisis of the Turnbull regime. And it appears no rescue team is imminent.

#shame #bringthemhere