Meeting the executive team of the Australian Press Council. We discussed the perils of bias experienced via Islamaphobic reportage and the impact in particular to the wellbeing of young Australian Muslims. Am grateful for the candid conversations and look forwarded to exchanging knowledge and expertise towards making change happen. The complaints and adjudication departments of the APC are largely unknown to minority communities and therefore, under utilised. My hope is that with diverse media outlets seeking membership with the APC, and the APC in turn reaching out to them to promote their service and standards, there will be more balanced outcomes in print media. Presently, vilification is rife. Accountability falls short. And consequences are damaging. #makechangehappen #endxenophobia #endislamophobia #endhomophobia #balancedreporting #truestory #tasneemchopra #amwchr #crossculturalconsultant #australianpresscouncil