At the ECCV ‘Next Generation Vic’ Conference in Ballarat this morning. Delivering a keynote on the future of multiculturalism for youth, women and new communities. Snapshot: leadership must succession plan now, handing over reigns to more than capable generation of emerging CALD leaders who no longer need to be led. 

Diversity in leadership requires a make up of the demographic you serve- be representative, not tokenistic. 

Fund platforms that promote authentic expression through arts, media and activism. An excellent conference, brilliantly organised by ECCV and regional Ballarat multicultural committees. 

Country Victoria – demonstrating how diversity and the mainstream CAN coalesce with proven success #eccv #nextgenvic #aboriginalland #endracism #endislamophobia #walkingthetalk #makeanoise #lettinggo #makesocialchangehappen #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant