Today I attended the National Press Club where Sen. Richard DiNatale , leader of the The Greens, made his first address since the election. 
He canvassed issues of:

A free and independent media

Curtailing right wing and neoliberal ideology 

Ending influence of big business and corporations as political party donors 

Removing stamp duty

The future of work, housing affordability, tax

Working smarter not looking longer

More flexible work hours

The broken system that governs us when it fails to represent the communities in its make up

Giving voice to communities who occupy a disproportionate amount of media time being discussed, but rarely approached

& following this, a special address from Nada Kalam – Engineer, community activist and Melbourne superstar, speak to her vision to protect our environment and society, fighting climate change sceptics and racists. 
A fantastic address on all counts. I was particularly proud of Nada owning that podium to the sheer shock and awe of this Nations’s toughest journalists.

Nada and I with members of the Egyptian and Kuwaiti diplomatic Corps, who were guests at the NPC