Tonight saw the launch of the brainchild of Nada Kalam with the ‘Muslim Professionals Association’ #mpaaust 
This long awaited initiative represents a portal for mentoring, leadership opportunity, and networking for Australian Muslim professionals across all industries and sectors. 
Particularly at a time of heightened political angst overwhelming communities, this event emerged as a reminder of the indomitable capacity and talent we possess. The MPA will consider creative ways of engaging these professionals in a way to support one another, and potentially advocate for representation of issues that align with its values. 
The support from the roomful of attendees tonight is testimony to the MPA’s need. An incredible initiative, conceived of by Nada- whose lived experience as a professional , was impetus to realise this goal for her peers and community. Kudos to her and the MPA team for injecting genuine excitement for future possibilities. 

Check them out, join and sign up as a mentor:
Photo creds: Anam Javed Sumeyye Cetinkiran Nurbanu Emniyet Sayer❤️