Tonight I enjoyed facilitating the

Monthly ‘Game Changers’ event at Victoria University, MetroWest. The theme was ‘The Show Must (not) Go On’ and it invited artists to creatively unpack dimensions of the #MeToo movement in the arts industry, a year on from the issue taking shape globally.


“A sinister phase of this #MeToo movement has been identified by the New York Times, coined the “not so fast” era, which indicates the attempted comeback of the accused men.

Where are we now, and how do we continue this important conversation without giving undue voice to the perpetrators? This Game Changers Conversation will take a localised look at the issues to unveil women’s experiences of working in the live performance Industry in Australia.


Candy Bowers – Performer

Jennifer Piper – WIT (Local Theatre company director)

Sapidah Kian – former Director in residence, Malthouse theatre

Facilitator: Tasneem Chopra- Cross Cultural Consultant