Thank you Yusra Metwally & Walid El Sabbagh of ‘Koshari Korner’ fame in Sydney, for bringing this Egyptian street food to my Melbourne corner. This was an absolute feast of measured rice, pasta, lentils, onions, magic sauce and spiced oil goodness that has to be tasted to be believed. You went over and above  with your time, prep and generosity- creating a masterpiece which we need in Melbourne !
Sharing your Koshari, I observed our table surrounded by friends of Australian, South African, Lebanese, Italian, Turkish, Pakistani & Burmese background – over an exquisite Egyptian meal. Friends and moments like this are testimony to what warms the heart; melting Koshari pots that tells an Austraian story typical of millions here , yet undercut by a vocal minority of conservative pundits threatened by such unity. 
To my Sydney friends, I concede that along with your beaches and OperaHouse, ‘Koshari Korner’ is one other thing that matters, which you have and we don’t. 
But that’s it.!