In Brisbane today I participated  in a panel advisory review for a media training project with Griffith University. Colleagues included Michael Rose (Press Council), Prof Mohamad Abdallah, Yasmin Khan, Naseema Mustapha and Research Assoc, Abdi Hersi. 
Robust conversations were had on training imperatives for journalists, ethics & motives. There was some critiquing on how stereotypical and lazy journalism could be mitigated with proper training via universities and within media organisations. 
As long as custodians of media spaces continue to publish unsubstantiated stories – that vilify and malign entire communities, which lead to personal attacks of innocent civilians – there’s a clear case for culpability. It’s understandably sensitive terrain, but then, so is personal safety. 
Congrats to all involved in steering this project along a direction of community buy in. 
After all, when it comes to sustainable and meaningful change, there can be nothing about us, without us.