Today I was invited to address the ‘Australian Chobani Women’ forum, for a session called ‘Make Way’. 
This event was a call to women to: take action, forge a path when none existed and overcome challenges. This talk was part of a ‘A 12 month program’ inclusive of practical tips and tools to support individuals ‘Make Way’ (not whey!) onto their journey.
I was particularly thrilled to speak alongside the no-nonsense, big hearted, global humanitarian, Moira Kelly of the ‘Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation’. She recounted tales of her work as a humanitarian, sharing experiences of her children and others she has helped, reducing us to tears then laughter, again and again. 
I spoke about the power of self belief, self care and self promotion against a tide of personal and professional barriers we encounter. 

Congratulations, Chobani. Your brand integrity is well earned- with this event for your employees demonstrating your commitment to improving their well being. The solidarity in the room was abundant. It’s an honour to attend such events. 

Thank you also for the opportunity to sample excessive Chobani wares… for research!!