This morning I addressed an ‘#InternationalWomensDay breakfast for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). I spoke to the issue of ”Cultural and Gender Diversity in Leadership’ in light of the UN theme for IWD being ‘leave no woman behind’. It was telling that the Board Chair of the EPA stressed that our physical and social environments prosper, are protected and enhanced by diversity in all its variance. My concluding point was “the breadth and resolution of this topic exceeds the scope of any presentation, if not administered in tandem with organisational will and vision”.

A huge thanks to those at the EPA for coordinating this gig, and kudos to your organisation for achieving a workplace of 57% female representation. I was heartened to hear of a bold commitment to now embed cultural diversity as an organisational target as well. Meeting Victoria’s first Chief Environmental Scientist, Dr Andrea Hinwood, was particularly inspirational. #iwd2018 

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