I was fortunate today  to catch a screening of ‘Hamilton’- the Disney film of the actual broadway production. It told the story of Alexander Hamilton and his role in the independence of America from British sovereignty. I had heard much about this musical including that it was the most coveted show in Broadway history (tickets sold out for seasons in advance) etc.. the hype was significant. Typically, this is a recipe for disappointment when the reckoning arrives.

I was, however, in for a a surprise. This was the most entertaining, informative and engaging musical film I have ever seen.  Fast paced and an engaging storyline, Hamilton had me hooked from the opening scene. Who would have thought an American history biopic conveyed in a sophisticated rap sequence to an orchestral accompaniment could be a thing?

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer, producer and star is an utter genius. His music, lyrics (deftly blended rap) and stage direction were brilliant and the collective talent of the lead actors and ensemble, flawless. I have NEVER seen such a diverse and accomplished cast on stage or screen, EVER; Wow x 💯!!

Thank you @UsConsulatemelb for this opportunity to catch a once in a lifetime showing of #Hamilfilm . The musical bar has been raised irrevocably high.