Tonight I was honoured to present the IWD keynote for the Western Bulldogs FC. Was heartened to see such a show of support from community and stakeholders present as I spoke of celebrating sheroes and in particular the WOC ones we know too little of . I also acknowledged the task ahead in combating intersectional discrimination of women by adopting more inclusive leadership, programs and participation.  Promotion of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign from VicHealth was a fitting close following a panel discussion with Karen Jackson, Debbie Le & Paul Zappa. 

Massive kudos to Kashif Bouns and his team for organising such a spectacular celebration- and huge shout out to Ameet Bains, CEO of WBFC, or as I like to remember him- the kid I use to (barely) babysit in Bendigo!

Tonight hit all the notes: gravitas, passion and sentiment.