I enjoyed being in conversation with amazing writer and feminist commentator, Clementine Ford following a screening of ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ at the Speakeasy Cinema tonight. 

Produced by Iranian filmmaker, AnaLily Amirpour, this cult classic, merged genres of Americana, punk, noire & spaghetti western at times. The central female protagonist subverted numerous stereotypes of gender and cultural norms, delivering a powerful, frightening yet awesome badass superhero. 

The minimalist dialogue and stunning b&w cinematography were overlaid with a deft punk music scene- within a dystopic Iranian setting, ‘Bad City’. 

To be honest, I was sold on the premise of this film before I saw it ; a hijabi skateboarding vampire who kills misogynist men. The actual movie, more than delivered. #iranianfilm #AnaLilyAmirpour #filmnoire #artysmarty #strongwomen #makeanoise