At the PeterNorman Memorial, ‘I’ll Stand with You’ to commemorate 50 years since his iconic salute to universal human rights. Along with two of Peter’s children, I spoke after some amazing speakers including Rob Decastella, Tommy Smith (pre recorded), Lidia Thorpe MP, Rob Starry, Andrew Leigh (pre recorded) and Jay Lark. There was much acknowledgement for Peters silent salute in solidarity with Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who in Mexico City in 1948 took to their winning dais during the medal ceremony with their fists in the air to protest injustices against AfricanAmericans. Peter’s decision to stand with them by sporting a UN Human Rights badge, as a sign of solidarity, was a brave move that subsequently stripped him of recognition by the Australian sports establishment . After 50 years, a campaign to bring his mistreatment to the fore, has seen a governmental apology to his family, offered posthumously as Peter died in 2006. Tommy & John were pallbearers at his funeral.

A memorial statue to him had been planned in the near future.

Full credit to the tireless volunteers of the #PNMC for their efforts to highlight an Australian sports legend, whose legacy was as impressive on field, as off it.