Today’s meeting with myself, psychologist Monique Toohey and barrister, Urfa Masood  at Parliament House was organised by Claire O’Neil MP and Joanne Ryan MP. This venture was designed to enable a dialogue with members from both major parties about the impact of divisive policy and language felt at a grassroots level, feeding directly into a climate of Islamophobia. Issues of racism, skewed agenda, ostracism and hyper surveillance were tabled, over numerous conversations. 
It is hoped the message to alter the tone of current political discourse from one of marginalisation to one of respectful inclusion, is heard eventually, particularly across all major government portfolios. 
Progress is some way off, clearly established when one of the MP’s we met commented how in his electorate there were “many Muslims who were great because they blended in, you know, because being Eastern European, you couldn’t even tell they were Muslim.” 

Oh my. 

So, here we stand, outside the Press Gallery, in solidarity , NOT BLENDING IN #ALP #Auspol #canberra #aph #hustleonthehill