Happy 35th Birthday, Victorian Multicultural Commission! Though I left the party shenanigans sans cake?, I did leave with a heart full of gratitude. Congratulations- for shifting the narrative surrounding multiculturalism from one of assimilation and tolerance, to one of acceptance and celebrating diversity. As the VMC, you have successfully centred, embraced and promoted diversity as one of this State’s greatest assets. Shouting down racism, vitriol and discrimination is essential- and you have championed this in your whole-of-State approach. Thankyou, Shukran, Grazias, Asante Sana, Elfaristo, shukriya, terimah kasih, etc etc.. LOVE. YOUR. WORK.

And huge thanks to @immigrationmuseum_melb for your superb support & venue!#diversityandinclusion

#diversityinleadership #diversitymatters #diversestoriesmatter #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #makechangehappen #victorianmulticulturalcommission And thanks to @immigrationmuseum_melb for your superb supports &venue!