Does my tower look big in this?

Fun times delivering a presentation to the Year 12 cohort of Camberwell HS this fancy-pants venue, Queens College.  Am feeling very buoyed about kick-starting the year with such an intelligent and intuitive group of future leaders.

Interestingly, I observed the surrounding walls of the main hall where I spoke were draped with portraits of past College luminaries, all of whom were white, middle aged men. Standing there as a WOC in that space, I felt momentarily caught in an inverted reality- discussing diversity, inclusion and social change, showing clips of ‘Please Resist Me’ (thank you, forever @lukalesson ) and Deng Adut’s refugee journey from tragedy to triumph. I witnessed the impact this had on those students. And it felt encouraging to hear them step up and say, How can I make a difference? Where can I volunteer? How can I help?

Sometimes, the kids are alright  #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #makechangehappen