Tonights Drum episode was moderated by John Barron. My co-panellists included, Jackie Kelly (former Howard minister), Shane Wright (WA Times, Finance editor), and live from UK, Tom McTaigh (Politico, editor). 

A lively conversation ensued on various topics including One Nations’s plagiarised content on their website, the loss of Liberal seats in Western Sydney, the Coalitons proposed retrospective super policy, Theresa May,  British PM in waiting – and ‘Pokemon Go’-yes or no ?

The verdict ? Plagiarism is unacceptable for an elected body; ineffective campaign content from both major parties shifting greatly from their bases, assisted the success of independents; a superannuation outcome that’s fair is supported; Theresa May’s diligence and tenacity will be necessary credentials in engineering #Brexit; and Pokemon, while addictive and distracting, is a marketing win but a social dilemma.