Heading out to the #BlackPanther film tonight, literally bursting with excitement. And can I just say, per review: WOW! It is SUCH a relief and rarity when the hype is actually exceeded by the film.
I was thoroughly taken- from storyline, symbolism, messaging, casting, set design and overall feel good factor. In a cinematic (and real world) climate that locates the heroic black protagonist as exceptional, BP was a credit to a largely all black cast of uncompromising characters- which was unmistakably powerful. And this was even before the bad assery range of fierce female and male lead characters left you beaming. 
I loved the way political, moral and philosophical issues were negotiated at the heart of racial/ power imbalances, through a marvel lens. BP was a forthright acknowledgement and reimagining of our unjust world as we know it. Brilliant. 
Five. Panthers?????