I was delighted to facilitate a public forum, ‘Your Rights at Work’ last in Craigieburn tonight. This event was organised courtesy of the Oorja Foundation in partnership with Maurice Blackburn (MB) and the National Union of Workers.

This was an interactive forum for the community, particularly those from South Asian backgrounds, to understand their rights at work and services to access if they need help. The historic cases of newly arrived migrants and students, exploited or treated unfairly in the workplace was the catalyst for this session.

The forum featured representatives from the National Union of Workers, MB, CLC and an Immigration lawyer to canvass issues about underpayment of wages, injuries in the workplace, unfair treatment at work, unfair dismissal and visa related work right issues.

It was a well organised event raising pertinent questions that mattered to those attending. Congratulations, particular to MB, for walking their talk of diversity and inclusive practises- by meeting diverse communities where they’re at and availing a much needed opportunity.

#diversitymatters #representationmatte