Loving Melbourne big time for its array of entertainment and crowd camaraderie signifying that staple in the Diversity Week charter- the VMC Multicultural Festival.  

Caught some incredible sights and sounds, including the ‘Amaru Tribe’s’ Amazonic drums, vibrating charangos and powerful harmonies of Oceanic Cumbia. 

Then, the sweet, sweet blues, sultry bass, big bass, swing rhythms and huge voice that is ‘Mojo Juju’- Sheer bliss. Later, ‘Congo Tardis#1 Sound System’s’ provided an energetic carnival DJ set with Caribbean and Latin rhythms. The crowd was moved. Literally ??⭐️

As well, Deakin Edge hosted a series of short films produced specifically for the VMC Film Festival. Shortlisted films were screened from the competition asking young Victorians to interpret the theme ‘Same, same but different: Is there more that unites us than divides us?’

A beautiful event all round, marking one of the many reasons this city is so damn loveable. Extraordinary to see events supported by people from all cultures, faiths, sexual orientation and race. Extraordinary because this expression of affirmation of our diversity by ordinary citizens, is shown only contempt from our federal government. A leadership that reminds us again and again that it’s migration and social inclusion policies are premised on One Notion. 
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