An amazing evening at the @artgalleryofnsw for the ‘Art After Hours’ program. Tonight I had the privilege of sharing a space with the inimitable Candy Royalle and the brilliant Sara Sal.
Speaking to issues of identity, feminism, imperialism, racism, structural violence and the power of Art in all of this – they conveyed this via a poignant spoken word piece from Sara- and a powerful speech from Candy. She left the audience stunned with a brilliant oration that laid siege to the systemic horrors of greed and colonialism which have plundered minorities, cultures and civilisations. Candy didn’t mince her words, highlighting how for women’s voices in artistic spaces, arts funding cuts of $200mil to small and medium arts organisations, represent a deliberate act of cultural violence to silence minority voices. THIS SPEECH WAS EVERYTHING ??An impassioned delivery, these words cut deep and on point.
Such brilliant performance activism at its best from these amazing women! #artysmarty