Tonight’s Community Care Network (CCN) Iftar, occurring deep in Melbourne’s CBD, represented all things CCN, Ramadan and Melbourne, in one. Hundreds of supporters including volunteers, fronted to this city park venue to set up tables and endless amounts of food (think, biryani 5 ways x 100!) and proceed to feed the homeless, passers by and those who had registered to attend this free Iftar. On a brisk autumn evening, against the back drop of the Yarra River, and leafy trees, the spirit of generosity and community mindfulness was overflowing. Congrats CCN for doing the work you do, diligently feeding this city’s homeless with a quiet resolve that humbles us all. And not just on this Iftar evening, but every weekend in different locations across Melbourne. You embody the true spirit of selflessness ?? #CCN #makechangehappen #bethechange