Today I delivered a workshop/ presentation on ‘Embracing Multiculturalism’, as part of the PD program for staff of the Caroline Chisolm College in Braybrook. It’s always a pleasure to use these platforms to share the work of colleagues who live by example in bringing their diversity centre stage, challenging convention with full conviction. I’m looking at you @thesukimonster @lukalesson @dengadut & @randaafattah There are SO many examples of resilience and brilliance coming from individuals who combat racism in different capacities. There’s still mountains to overcome, but the talent onside, fighting the good fight, give me hope. 

Thank you Jaswinder from CCC for this opportunity. Sessions like these have increasing relevance in a climate negotiating diverse views, free speech and protecting human rights #makeanoise #makeitloud #endxenophobia #makechangehappen #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant m#carolinechisholmcatholiccollege