Live feeding for The Drum tonight from Melbourne to Sydney studio. Co-panellists included Peter Lewis, Essential Media and Simon Cowan, Centre for Independent Studies Economist in Sydney; Mark Di Stefano, BuzzfeedOz Political Editor in Canberra and guest Dr Rodger Shanahan, Lowy Institute on the Istanbul attacks. Other topics fielded were the Thornliegh mosque car bomb, the plebiscite, political promises, election ‘attack’ advertising and the Zika virus- an olympics games attending deal breaker or not. 
An extended Drum time meant more issues to get through -and there were some quality contributions all round. 
I wish I’d had more opportunity to speak to certain points including the rise of right wing terrorism and the causal link with dog whistling politics  – but between fasting and looking into a blank monitor (!) I missed them #FeedLife

Alas, here’s to fake sets & those missed body language cues; daily struggles!