Today in Coburg, I met with Larry- an indigenous man educating the community about the travesty of Aboriginal deaths in custody. This government’s failure to protect almost 400 aboriginal persons who have died in custody since the inquiry launched over 25 years ago, is criminal. Larry’s display of statements and articles reviewing many of the case studies of these deaths, was confronting reading. A mix of old and young passers by from various cultural backgrounds stopped to read these statements and speak to Larry- many clearly affected by the extent of injustices the learned about. 
Sadly, some walked past without so much as a glance, while others, a dismissive look.
In all, the scene playing out before me resembled how indifferent we become to tragedy when it’s hidden from view- but once in our face and known to us, we can no longer accept the current system works; it’s a miserable failure. #blacklivesmatter #endaboriginaldeathsincustody #stopforcedclosureofaboriginalcommunities #firstnations #indigenouspeople #livinghistory #coburg #makeanoise #makeitloud