Today I had the pleasure of a behind-the-scenes scoping of the almost completed installation of ‘Wonderland’. Billed as an ‘immersive exhibition that takes you down the rabbit hole’, this exhibition is scheduled to open April 5th and is an #ACMI commission that ticks all the boxes per sensory stimulation. 
For those who love adventure, technology and the allegory of childhood classics, Wonderland is an exhibition that dazzles the auditory and tactile senses, inviting an interaction of old world charm and state of the art digital technologies that will leave you stunned!
The byline of, ‘The more you seek, the more you find’ is evident from the promise of a brilliantly curated showcase. This homage to the multitude of ‘Alice’ iterations, culminates in the telling of a story about an intrepid young woman, seeking adventure, undaunted by obstacles; a shero for all times 
I cannot wait to see the completed exhibition, a world first of this calibre , pioneered by ACMI. Congratulations to the amazing curators, designers, installers and exhibition team for pulling together something so unique, that will raise the bar for all exhibitions to come in imaginative excellence !
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