Today I participated in an initiative, ‘Curious Converstions’, run by Bain&Company. These forums aim to provide proactive steps that facilitate a more functional workplace in an ‘individual can bring their whole self to work safely and with confidence in order to thrive’.
Topics canvassed in other sessions include: gender identity, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples, mental health and the role of men in working towards gender balance in the workplace.

The panel I participated in was “Religion and Faith’ alongside Jewish and Christian co-panellists where we discussed: the role of personal beliefs in bringing your whole self to work, experiences at work, the role of belief systems in challenging times like a global pandemic, and how we can all build an inclusive and supportive workplace.

Kudos to Bain&Company and their amazing team who contributed to this discussion, sharing questions and insights in a respectful way. By having these conversations we foster a work environment that practices inclusivity.

Communication matters. Acknowledgement does, too. When these coincide, it is a great outcome for all involved. #makechangehappen #diversityandinclusion #endislamophobia #endbigotry #endracism #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant