Memo to Govt & Media:
This is Omran. He and a few others were just rescued following the  bombing of his home in Aleppo last night.

While the magnitude of the catastrophe that is Syria defies even my comprehension, what is abundantly clear is that innocent civilians represent human point scores in a barbaric bid to out-bomb, out-number and out-destroy the opponent. 

Meanwhile, in Aleppo, NO AID has reached its civilians in over a month. 

If we only respond when children suffer, this means we wait for a gut wrenching tragedy- of a four year old child in shock, ashen faced and with vacant stares- before caring. 
Our patterned reaction disavows us from seeing the shared horror impacting millions of refugees like Omran whose story doesn’t fit the ‘heart strings’ charter; the teens, mums, dads, grandparents, young adults, promising graduates- everyday people once with hopes, heartaches, health issues and livelihoods, like us. 
We don’t see THEM when we commodify our compassion. We don’t see US. 

That’s a tragedy in itself.