The Mumtaza Network today held the   first of its Masterclass Series: Public Speaking Like a Pro.

This was a day-long workshop hosted by co-Founder and CEO of the Mumtaza Network, Yassmin Abdel-Magied.The    session aimed to equip participants  with the skills to be the most powerful advocate for their message.
I presented on the aspect of speech delivery, or, combatting the ‘Ummmm factor’. Talking pace, pitch and presence- I endeavoured to arm attendees with take home tools, ready to implement. In the course of my session, I met some phenomenal young leaders, embracing their right to use platforms torepresent diverse voices, experiences & knowledge. 
Congratulations @MumtazaNetwork via Yassmin Abdelmagied (trailblazer extraordinaire) for facilitating this rare opportunity which SO many participants were grateful for a brilliant initiative. ??
These POC Warriors warmed my heart; pure drive & competence overflowing. Watch. Their. Space. #moversandshakers