Amid the insanity of a rally between Neo Nazi fascists and anti-racists in the heartland of multicultural Coburg, the sight of this sign on this kid, was the only moment to smile today. #hope
The sight of tactical response team officers armed to the hilt, lining the streets, along with police officers cordoning off main roads and diverting traffic to ‘allow protesters to pass through’- was a surreal and awful experience. 
I’d decided to check out the ‘rally’ from a safe distance, traversing the sidewalk I frequent several times a week. Traders who hasn’t closed for the day and barricaded windows, were cautiously looking through shopfronts, mingling in pockets and checking their phone for alerts. 
Sombre moods and quiet mutterings reigned supreme. 
I have NEVER occasioned to feel as unsafe in my neighbourhood as I did today. And that’s not due to insufficient police presence, but rather, it’s abundance. This is not who we are. This is not my community. This can not be our future.
#gutted #galled #endislamophobia #endracism #waronstupid #imdone