Coming of Age Exhibition

Today I had the opportunity to participate in an upcoming exhibition for the Immigration Museum, called ‘Coming of Age’. Without giving away too much, it will celebrate stories of identity formation and ‘becoming an adult’ for Victorians from a diverse range of backgrounds. This will be a story-telling feat, writ large and I cannot wait to hear the pathos, passion and poignancy of others sharing their narratives, on their terms, in their voice. Kudos to [...]

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Leading Change Thanks to Joan

Emceeing tonight’s #VICforwomen launch of the Joan Kirner Young & Emerging Leaders Program for 27 sensational inductees. Their skill set collectively canvassed dimensions of education, women’s health, environment, Aboriginal & Torres Strait island communities, CALD communities and the western suburbs of Melbourne. Congratulations on entering this program developed to nurture networking, mentoring and leadership talent through a structured program premised on furthering gender equality. The Victorian government’s Office of Women and Leadership Victoria are to [...]

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ModMarkit hits the Mark

Last nights #modmarkit fashion parade in Melbourne, ticked all the boxes- from concept and content to setup and execution. It was a stellar salute to modest fashion labels/designers across the country, featuring exquisite designs, styles and moods- from the elegant to subversive; a brilliant meld. Congratulations   to all involved, including Zulfiye Tufa, for identifying this niche and bringing it to bear so beautifully. Lastly, massive kudos to the models- showcasing a range of body shapes, [...]

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The Reports Of Sarah & Saleem

Tonight in Sydney's Darling Harbour , I watched ‘The Reports Of Sarah & Saleem’ at the Palestinian Film Festival. The film was an engaging human interest story about an illicit affair, exploring the cultural, personal and political ramifications. My takeaway from this film was the unwavering ferocity of the Palestinian wife, fighting patriarchy, racism and classism in a system designed to silence her voice. The messaging was clear. Such a thought provoking film that centred [...]

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Sorry Means You Don’t Do It Again

Tonight I attended the launch of the HRAFF (Human Rights @ Arts Film Festival), screening ‘After the Apology’. The film was preceded with a speech from Indigenous actress and activist, Shareena Clanton, speaking to a very personal connection to International trauma through through the impact of forced removal of her family members as part of the stolen generation.  This presentation segued perfectly into the film screening ‘After the Apology: Sorry Means You Dont Do it [...]

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Triennial/ Tryennial- A sensory sensation either way

#triennial2018 is wall to wall #wowfactor with numerous installations, including Yayoi Kusama's Flower Obsession apartment.  These Triennial treasures are showcasing some stunning and some confounding displays by 100 designers from 32 countries in Melbourne’s NGV.  This was a visual and sensory feast - rich in artistic imagination. From the flamboyant to the furious- this was art doing what art does- delighting, annoying, inspiring and stirring - public reactions. Catch the buzz before Sunday 15th April [...]

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Five Panthers Good

Heading out to the #BlackPanther film tonight, literally bursting with excitement. And can I just say, per review: WOW! It is SUCH a relief and rarity when the hype is actually exceeded by the film. I was thoroughly taken- from storyline, symbolism, messaging, casting, set design and overall feel good factor. In a cinematic (and real world) climate that locates the heroic black protagonist as exceptional, BP was a credit to a largely all black [...]

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When Small Mercies make a Big Difference: Acknowledging our Community Heroes

Attended the Ambulance Victoria 2017 18th Annual Community Hero Awards, ‘Ordinary people...Extraordinary actions’. A beautiful celebration acknowledging local Victorians who have intervened in ways that saved lives, nominated by paramedics attending scenes. These everyday heroes, included 10year old Sophie Matthews and 5 year old James Tonks. Sophie and her then 7 year old sister, Annabel, made the decision to call 000 after they found their father collapsed and having a seizure. Their quick thinking and listening [...]

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#roots #reasons #relationships #ACTION

Took part today in a fun interview and photo shoot relating to the upcoming film, 'Ali's Wedding' by Matchbox Puctures.   This and other fun stills will form part of an upcoming exhibition/promo for this romcom Australian made movie about love, faith & family - out soon in Australia.   Look forward to seeing both my own  and other stories about love, links and lessons captured in this photo exhibition to accompany the impending film [...]

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Vintage Vibes with Colour

Enjoyed a vintage styled shoot by @thefashionmarketau for @stellamagazine this afternoon at the Abbotsford Convent grounds in Melbourne. Under the creative direction of Natasha Jynel, styling by Tamara,  photography by Sebastian and makeup by Bianca, we maximised some artsy fun in the sun. Between backdrops of rustic doorways and sun flecked courtyards, and fuelled with Beyoncé beats and plenty of attitude, this shoot to celebrate Mothers Day was ridiculous fun! Loving these stunning clothes from [...]

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