Cultural Competence in Council

This morning I conducted a training session on ‘Muslim Community Awareness and Cultural Competence’ for the City of Darebin executive. This was a robust and in depth analysis of the communal demographics, psycho social issues residents experience and the consequences of divisive rhetoric and hurtful media portrayal. In all, the conversations and learnings that followed were meaningful and will hopefully result in social change for the municipality informed by improved engagement, increased representation and a [...]

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Identity & Belonging 2020

This week I spoke at MacKillop College to their year 11 Cohort, navigating ‘Identity 2020’. My co-panelists included the fabulous Jane Gilmore and Nevo Zisin - between the three of us we traversed issues of gender, sexuality and race. Kudos to Jo Parker for curating this amazing program as part of her HeartSparks schools charter. I was particularly chuffed during my presentation on celebrating the cultural diversity of students, to share the timeless magic of [...]

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On the Futility of Chief Diversity Officers

On the plight of Chief Diversity Officers, often encumbered with a futile job description read the following article by Nadia Owusu, excerpt below: “In too many cases, the responsibility for changing the company culture is placed entirely on the CDO’s shoulders. When efforts fail, the CDO then becomes the scapegoat. The organization’s leaders can say that they tried, that they are still trying; they can rest secure in the belief that they have the best [...]

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Tasneem Chopra’s Australia Day Honour for promoting a diverse, inclusive community

An interview with the Bendigo hometown newspaper. I remember the very first time I wrote a letter to their editor in high school, to complain about the insensitivity and waste of monies being splashed on a bicentennial re-enactmentof the first fleet. Although it was a national issue, the Bendigo Ady printed my letter, and in that moment taught me that even my voice mattered if I believed enough. Thank you Bendigo Ady, for a [...]

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The Coffee Festivals of Jazan

Coffee trails to ponder.. definitely one to consider. Great piece by Prof. Saeed Khan..shifting the needle on what we thought we knew about the world’s premium coffee suppliers. See link:

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OAM Appreciation

I want to thank all of you who have messaged me from far and wide over the past few days for being awarded an OAM. When I arrived in Bendigo from Kenya (via Alice Springs) at the age of 5, my aspirations were far fetched for a little brown kid missing two front teeth, with a big mouth; I was never a quiet Australian. My tenacious spirit often felt hemmed in at times by small [...]

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World Court Rules to Protect Myanmar

A resounding preliminary victory for the Rohingya in Myanmar, via a case put before The Hague, alleging acts of genocide being perpetrated by the State.  A massive undertaking thanks to officials from Gambia for taking this to the International Court. “The Hague-based court ordered Myanmar to take urgent measures to protect the minority against further atrocities and preserve evidence of alleged crimes, after mostly Gambia launched a lawsuit in November accusing Myanmar of genocide” See [...]

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Protesting Against Modi

In whats being dubbed as the largest protest in world history - an estimated quarter billion people protesting PM Modi’s racist and economically punitive policies .. People speak up when governments whisper... See link:

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