IG Live Talking WOC & Aspirational Leaders

Did my first IG live interview with @priyaserrao , talking all things diversity in leadership for WOC and the power of aspirational representation. From recruiting with inclusive intention to the legacy of RBG, we canvassed so much in a whirlwind 30 minutes! I loved Priya’s delightful and insightful candour as we hammered through these issues with a shared solidarity to utilise all the platforms we have to #makeanoise #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant #representationmatters #diversityinleadership #diversityandinclusion #endxenophobia [...]

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Cross Cultural Comms .. Podcast Goes Live

I was recently interviewed for the UK based ‘Internal Comms Podcast’ by Katie Macaulay. Episode 34 – Cross-cultural comms The Internal Comms Podcast is now in its fourth season – and to kick it off Katie sat down with Tasneem Chopra for some honest and open conversation. The self-styled “professional disruptor” helps businesses address the important issues of diversity and inclusion within their workforce. As a cross-cultural consultant, and champion for social justice, she helps [...]

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Going for Platinum

I am delighted to announce I have been included in ‘Platinum Speakers and Entertainers’ listings of local and international inspirational presenters, female motivational speakers, leading creative minds, champions of business, sporting and celebrity speakers, conference & Awards MC’s, facilitators and entertainers.... Platinum are preferred suppliers to Government departments, some of Australia’s largest companies, industry associations, conference organisers, small business, not for profit organisations and charities. For booking enquiries, please contact:

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The Language of Violence

This week I chanced upon a brilliant webinar organised by Harmony Alliance. It featured: Jatinder Kaur, Faduma Jama, Laura Vidal, and Dr Trish Mitra-Kahn and ‘unpacked the power of language and challenged the framing of ‘complexity’ as something only relevant to particular manifestations of violence; highlighting the potential that this approach has to ‘othering’ individuals and communities.’ The discussion was moderated by Sana Ashraf (Senior Policy Officer, Harmony Alliance) and @maria.dimopoulos (Chair, Harmony Alliance). There [...]

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The Crescent Touch

I am thrilled to be joining the Board of Directors at Crescent Institute, supporting the craft of thought leaders and change makers who role model excellence. “🎉 We're excited to share the announcement of the Crescent Institute board! A wealth of expertise on a mission to opening up a world of possibilities for people through events and networking opportunities with Australian leaders. The new Board includes a new chair, Professor Peter Shergold, Chancellor of Western [...]

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The Internal Voice with an External Reach

I was delighted to be interviewed by Katie Macauley, MD of UK based communications firm, ‘Above & Beyond’ and host of the award winning The Internal Comms Podcast. We spoke at length about my foray into cross cultural consulting, the impetus for being a ‘professional disruptor’, why racial inequalities need to be tackled head on in workplace culture and question if in fact, there has been an uptick in inclusion in organisations over the past [...]

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Serving Her Best Shot , Naomi’s Way

Huge Respect for Naomi Osaka..   Naomi Osaka wearing a Breonna Taylor mask at the US Open today is a powerful expression of solidarity with the #BLM movement. Her choice to assert her activism demonstrates yet again how combatting racism on all platforms is vital to achieving the change we need to see 🙏🏾🙌🏾 ##arrestthecopswhokilledbreonnataylor #blm #lendracism #endpolicebrutality #endviolenceagainstwomen #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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Connecting Services Across the Globe

I recently joined #ImamConnect (IC), the world's first platform for Muslim community services and the easiest way to find qualified service providers worldwide. Some time ago, IC realised that whenever a bespoke Muslim service was needed, for ourselves, our family or organisations, the process of acquiring a provider became onerous. So the IC team curated a new concept; more accessible, reliable and convenient services, online. Now, you can easily browse between service options and providers, [...]

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Who Gets to Tell My Story?

Whose realities are reflected everyday? This week’s supermarket magazine isle tile-of-shame reifies a skewed vision of Australian women in the world we live ... what do you see? What don’t you see? A recent report tabled by #mediadiversityaustralia, ‘Who Gets to Tell Australian Stories?’ revealed the overwhelming representation of Anglo Celtic presence across news & current affairs outlets in Australia, from reporters through to top industry executives- the editorial lead of which are comprised of [...]

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