Tonight I participated in the La Trobe University Bold Thinking Series posing the question: Bendigo – What is the vision for a free and cosmopolitan city of the future?
In a world post Brexit and Trump, how has international politics played out in Bendigo, and more importantly, what is the role of community leaders and individuals to create a vibrant, sustainable and multicultural city of the future?

For this first Bold Thinking Series lecture of 2017, I was joined by La Trobe University’s city planning expert Dr Julie Rudner, business and community leaders Rob Hunt and resident activist and founder of ‘Believe in Bendigo’, Margot Spalding, to discuss and debate where to from here for Bendigo and society more generally. This panel was expertly facilitated by ABC journalist Francis Leach.

In a climate of alternative-fact-post-truth-fake-news, there were some robust and often uncomfortable but necessary truths being discussed. From critical race theory, to who democracy serves, to creating employment pathways and harnessing idea capital from the community – this 1.5 hour panel conversation, including audience questions- was riveting. 
Thankyou La Trobe for this opportunity to participate in a critical conversation about advancing Bendigo into the next decade. I was grateful to meet many locals concerned and passionate about their home. 

As a child of this city, I remain invested in promoting its vibrant heart and inclusive spirit that nurtured my world view. 
So many memories. So many beautiful souls.