“Tasneem was really approachable, professional and understood my concerns straight away. It was great to have her professional reassurance and leave with some practical advice (short term and long term) which I felt confident to implement.
I would definitely recommend Tasneem’s support for leadership strategies.”

This was recent feedback from a UK client who engaged my services in diversity and Inclusion strategies per organisational change management.

Understanding the value of bold thinking in spaces that are risk averse requires tact. Organisational success both internally and externally, demands a workplace in which its people feel valued for their contribution and respected for their identity.

Promoting these pathways and navigating the often tricky terrain of raising the D (diversity) word has become a career highlight of mine.

Please DM me if you are interested in fielding bold ideas for change at work but are unsure where to start. Or, if you’ve started the conversation and want to keep the momentum going , let’s talk.
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