A British MP, Jo Cox, has been assassinated, in the name of ‘Britain First’. Authorities established her killer, Thomas Mair (pictured), belonged to a right wing organisation with radical ideology espousing extremist views; a terrorist. Home grown. Committing an act of terror on home soil. 
And yet, the radicalisation of white wing supremacy (see what I did there) continues unabated, absent of journalistic and political scrutiny. In its place we see a litany of terrorist attacks predicated as ‘random hate crimes’ by lone wolves with mental illness. 
In Australia this week, we’ve seen civilians being threatened in their homes and on the streets for supporting candidates that others oppose. Guerrilla style manoeuvres as placards are defaced, destroyed and people intimidated. 
Meanwhile, the appropriation of Palestinian symbols found draped on mannequins in city boutique windows, provide a stark reminder that colonialism and privilege are historic bedfellows.
Oh, what a predictable beast entitlement is. 

Western democracy: how aspirational.
#waronstupid #endracism