The video from an ACFID panel I featured in last October, is now up. This was for the ACFID 2018 Conference, ‘What are Human Rights and Why Do They Matter?”
Contesting Human Rights in an era when well-being is being increasingly commodified, centres the issues of intention and priorities for NGO’s in challenging and necessary ways.
Our panel discussed: Are human rights under attack and do we have an obligation to uphold them?

Synopsis: Rights-based approaches are now part of development orthodoxy, with empowerment at the front and centre of programs that address the intersections of marginalization and disadvantage. But does this go far enough in a rapidly changing global context of shrinking civil society space, climate change, rising inequality and the challenges of mass migration? This panel will unpack what we really mean when we talk of the indivisibility of human rights and the contemporary ramifications when some rights are prioritised at the expense of others? What are the people we serve saying about where they think our priorities should lie? What are the key challenges we must address to remain relevant?
Chair: Scott Stephens, ABC
• Elaine Pearson, Australia Director Human Rights Watch • Tasneem Chopra, Chair Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights • Savina Nongebatu, Deputy CEO Pacific Disability Forum • Matthew Maury, CEO TEAR Australia