Congratulations Osamah Sami for ‘Ali’s Wedding’ premiering last night in his HOME TOWN with the Melbourne International Film Festival. This film told his story with pathos, humour and stirring gentleness. Moreover, it instantly humanised the ‘migrant Muslim’ without trying, simply by sharing the dimensions of family, love, community and expectations. And what an amazing production team & cast – supported by Jeffrey Walker, Sheila Jayadev, Tony Ayres, Helen Pankhurst, Andrew Knight, Fadia Abboud and superb performances by Don Hany, Helana Sawires, Majid Shukoor, Khaled Khalafalla, Maha Wilson and more. I urge audiences to check out this pearl of a Rom-com opening nationwide on August 31st, that subverts stereotypes in your face with hilarity and more heart warming moments than you can handle #diversestories #truestory #alisweddingmovie #miff2017 #PREMIERE #romcom #muslimlovestories #madman #screenaustralia #matchboxfilms