Today I presented to the Year12 students at McGuire College in Shepparton, country Victory. This was likely one of the most culturally diverse cohorts I’ve ever seen, with ethnicities spanning, ethnic Hazara, Afghani, Iraqi, Sudanese and Congolese background amongst many others. Described by sceptics as a ‘tough school’ for the various low socio economic indicators impacting students, Mc Guire College struck me as a microcosm of what makes this country great. Bright, inquisitive, ambitious young minds, curious to conquer the outside world as they embark on the next path of their journey. It was an honour to speak to them about celebrating their difference. Using personal anecdotes, YouTube clips and statistics, I encouraged each of them to take pride in their diversity which can only enrich future work spaces, and to call out injustices when they hear & see them, either directly and indirectly.