So. Melbourne. #NewsTherapy with these two oracles?, Raf Epstein & Jonathan Green, reviewing the week that was. Canvassing : Trinity Haircut Gate; Denuclearisation in the time of Trump; Victorian & NSW government’s commitment to child sexual abuse victims’ redress via compensation; White Australia policy masquerading as stringent language testing; Michelle Obama’s portrait and the power of representation through art; gun-guitars (!); SBS’s #SafeHarbour doing storytelling that’s salient; #Atlanta on #iTunes and, the resurrection of nuanced journalism (please!) in broadsheet form that separates quality from the clutter in a world fixated with ‘notifications’. Thanks Raf, Jonathon, Matilda and MJ for always scintillating therapy on @abcinmelbourne #stories #banter #sass #newstherapy #fridaynight #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant