Enjoyed some scintillating banter tonight  with screenwriter legend, Andrew Knight, as we fielded audience questions post a screening of ‘Ali’s Wedding’ at @palacewestgarth. 

 Andrew spoke to his experience working on the film, his motivations and hopes, while I addressed why diversity in film representation matters in ways that are unapologetic and human. The relatability of this film to many, was noted as was the scope for this genre of art to challenge misconceptions. 

 Andrew’s insight and humour made for great conversation. His screenwritng credits, from The D-Gen, Rake, Seachange and Jack Irish, to Hackshaw Ridge and The Water Diviner, among others- situate him as a coveted writer of Australian stories. Co writing this film with Osamah Sami, therefore, while relaying this true story of an Iraqi refugee, his family and intracultural quirks, conspired to create a love story so identifiable to Australian audiences. Against a backdrop of crushes, mateship, barbecues & footy, ‘Ali’s Wedding’ intertwined the protagonists story of Arab/Muslim/Aussie through blurred lines- because in life, they are. The nuance of this story is priceless. 

Huge thanks to AlexBhattal and Michael Gourlay for arranging this screening as a fundraiser for The Greens. The film and conversation were delightful!

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