Today I addressed the Hallmark Program participants at @latrobeuni La Trobe University about my career trajectory and ‘social intelligence’ observations. The post speech questions were an excellent indication that these were a cohort of critically thinking students, not satisfied with the status quo depictions of diverse communities. These sessions continue to reconfirm my belief in speaking my mind, questioning privilege, entitlement and racist policy. Though bigots are never far behind or lacking in ability to tear others down, I was reminded there are so many in the public domain with a discerning credibility radar, ready to question baseless assumptions and political rhetoric. 
Thank you, La Trobe- for this opportunity to reconnect, especially with such engaged thinkers.


Thank you so much for presenting to our students at the Hallmark Leadership Symposium last week. It was lovely meeting you and your presentation was the highlight of the day. I just wanted to share one email I received from a student, which really reflects the general view that students expressed after your speech:


“Just wanted to pass along the message that Tasneem’s address was so amazing!! I wish that I could eloquently express my opinion on her speech but all I can come up with is woooooww she was soooo good! Such an articulate speaker and really pin pointed the issues we face today as an Australian society.”

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