Today I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote address to the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, before a cohort of Emergency Medicine physicians. I spoke to the issue of Diversity in Leadership, as a productivity and moral imperative in a climate of increased cultural diversity in Australia, as well as national benchmarks and gender gap realities. I also emphasised the distinction between knowledge gained as medical CONTENT (of skill), versus knowledge gained as prevailing cultural CONTEXT. Specifically, the privilege held by those born into a dominant cultural context, ensures an automatic advantage in learning environments that seek to test the efficacy of doctor/patient nuance as candidates train for qualification. Transferring this contextual learning is critical to improved outcomes for candidates of diverse backgrounds. In all, this session and the ensuing discussions indicated a commitment to social change in the workplace towards more inclusive strategies in addressing diversity. #makechangehappen #diversityinleadership #acemvic17 #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant 
Client Testimonial:

“It was fantastic to have the conversation about diversity framed not only by an expert external to our college, but also someone with experience in all areas of diversity – not just gender equality which tends to get over represented sometimes in diversity discussions locally, when there are so many complex other situations to consider. 
Your practical advice and thought provoking words were refreshing and the feedback from your session has been highly positive. It was a perfect fit to the themes and topics we discussed elsewhere in the conference and to know that there are suggested positive ways of moving forwards in what is currently an unsettled time in our college is very reassuring. ”