Am so grateful for spending the day with an ALS team from Reservoir for Ambulance Victoria. 
In a shift that spanned 11.5hours, I observed paramedics, Jack and Sam ,attend five emergency calls and make patient transfers to four different hospitals. In this time, their care, compassion and extensive skills never waned for a minute. 
I watched them deal with a young mother suffering from fatigue and disorientation, a middle aged patient with impaired mental health and discomfort, an 80 year old nursing home patient with dementia and abdominal pains, a toddler with a suspected dog bite, and another baby who had suffered from a choking incident. In every case, Jack and Sam displayed INCREDIBLE levels of compassion, patience and professionalism. I was reminded of the humanity these heroes bring to their craft, daily. And to know that Victorians are recipients of this world class standard of health care, affirms how blessed we are in this regard. 
As a Board Director with AV, these opportunities to observe and converse with our paramedics in the field is crucial. Building rapport and appreciating their efforts, concerns and suggestions in real time, confirms why I am so proud to be part of an organisation seeking to improve the well-being of its workforce in tandem with their patients .  #ambulancevictoria #alsteam #uniformedheroes #everydayheroes