Cause for huge celebration with the advent of a ’30 Years of Women in Ambulance Victoria’ Gala Dinner event last week. It is hard to believe that prior to 1987, women were unable to become paramedics due to laws that deemed them not physically capable of undertaking aspects of the workload. 
Fast forward 30 years on and we now have over 57% females candidates enrolled in university studying paramedical science – an astonishing recovery. Further, the Ambulance Victoria (AV) workforce is comprised of an almost 50:50 ratio as well. And frequent teams of two female paramedics attending calls is an example of how their participation in this sector is both commonplace and a powerful image of their value. 
As gender diversity makes obvious gains, we commend the team at AV instrumental in supporting women, and for a commitment to support plans for greater working flexibility to make these gains sustainable. 
And kudos also to AV for committing to measures to increase the cultural diversity of their workforce. Diversity in alls its breadth is needed to be represented in any organisation that seeks to serve a society as diverse as ours. 
As a proud Director of AV, I’m proud to say, this is who were are. This is how we get there. 

#AmbulanceVic #diversitymatters

With colleague and super paramedic, Lindley Jones from the Gippsland AV Team