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OAM Appreciation

I want to thank all of you who have messaged me from far and wide over the past few days for being awarded an OAM. When I arrived in Bendigo from Kenya (via Alice Springs) at the age of 5, my aspirations were far fetched for a little brown kid missing two front teeth, with a big mouth; I was never a quiet Australian. My tenacious spirit often felt hemmed in at times by small [...]

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Gordon 2020 Teachers Summit – Diversity and Inclusion

Started the working year off with a presentation at the Gordon 2020 Teachers Summit in Geelong, presenting to a cohort of TAFE educators. I spoke about the application of Diversity & Inclusion in educational settings, highlighting the value of having diversity represented beyond the student body from, staff recruitment and HR policy, through to representative leadership. Am so thankful to the warm reception from the Gordon TAFE trainers and their wonderful teachers. A special shout [...]

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Five Year Ted-iversary 

"Ssshhhh...its in the bag!"Happy TEDx anniversary ??! It's been five years since delivering my TEDxMelbourne talk 'Don't Believe the Hype, Exceed it: The War Against Stereotypes' The message remains. Don’t believe the hype, exceed it. And own your narrative before someone else owns it for you  TEDx talk   #tedxmelbourne #untapped

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Reactive Fatigue

As media callouts invariably commence, I'm reminded yet again how my appearances have almost always been reactive, following hostile developments locally and abroad. This is frustrating on so many levels. When communities are continually under siege to explain, condemn and disassociate themselves from atrocities they have no link to, there's a tendency to view them only within that paradigm; reactive. In fact we are a diverse, accomplished, strong and capable entity who continue to thrive [...]

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On A Wing and a Prayer

Attended 'Wing and a Prayer', a film screening at The Islamic Museum of Australia, including a Q and A with it's protagonists , Monem and Iman Salam. This was a beautiful film depicting Monem's determination to learn how to fly, despite the hecklers, in a small country town in the U.S. Comical, poignant and ultimately feel-good, 'Wing and a Prayer' played on subverting numerous stereotypes about Muslims in America.

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Welcome Back Chopra

Was thrilled to enjoy a memorable morning in Bendigo (central Victoria), the country town in which I grew up. Beginning with a breakfast presentation for community leaders about Understanding Islam and Muslims in Australia, I went on to meet some inspiring people and visit old haunts. From antique stores, a shabby chic café, my family home and then finally my primary and secondary schools. I felt blessed and grateful for a beautiful community I grew [...]

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The exhibtion ends, but the conversations continue…

The morning after the exhibition before, I exhale and reflect upon 'Faith Fashion Fusion', marvelling at a learning curve, exponential as it was exhilarating in curating the Melbourne component of this national exhibition.  I am grateful for the countless brilliant and beautiful women I could enable a voice to on such a broad scale; inspiring entrepreneurs and trailblazers who've left an indelible stamp on our cultural landscape.  Grateful also for the generous and visionary team [...]

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