The Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA) is delighted to bring ‘Islamic Coins: A Journey Through Islamic Civilisation’, its first complete international visiting exhibition to Australia. In partnership with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, and the Dubai Islamic Economic Department, the IMA welcomes this much anticipated event, launched on March 11th, 2016.

IMA founder and Director, Moustafa Fahour says ‘the exhibition gives the Australian public the opportunity to see first-hand the gold dinars that were traded over the many different Islamic Empires dating back from the Umayyad dynasty, all the way through to the Ottoman Empire.’ 
Over 100 coins, spanning 1300 years, will be showcased from the private collection of coin specialist Abdulla Bin Jassim Al Mutairi. 

For this eminent historian and numismatist, his collection of over 15,000 coins represents the largest and rarest of its kind in the UAE. Al Mutairi hopes that viewers of Coins will journey through time, culture and nations as they further their knowledge and understanding of Islamic empires who used these coins for trade and investment.
This exhibition is a historic testimony to stories of leaders and dynasties, told in coins, maps, panels and videos.

 For coin enthusiasts, collectors of antiques and history buffs, this Coins exhibition will not disappoint. It promises to be a showcase of beautiful coinage steeped in rich legacies with every coin.

On a personal note, I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment curating my first exhibit for the IMA. While Coins had its challenges, primarily due to the key partner being overseas for the duration of set up, I was pleased with the outcome. The sentiments of numismatist Mr Abdullah Al Mutairi from the UAE were also encouraging as he described this setup as more impressive than the Dubai exhibit from which it was derived!

From concept to execution, Coins has been a learning curve in many aspects. I’m looking forward to using the skills I’ve honed in this process to enhance future curating opportunities.

The installation process:   

individually placing 100 dinars between 10 cabinets

It’s up!

The launch     

IMA Chair, Asad Ansari


emceeing the launch



the Curator and the Numismatist


a proud moment as my parents meet Mr Al Mutairi


colleague Nury and I, decked out in Coin Exhibition accessories!


 The Islamic Coins: A Journey Through Islamic Civilisation exhibition opened to the public on Saturday 12th March, 2016.